Sixth Sense

Just making it with Cricket's Slice Of Life prompt this week. The prompt is sixth sense. I used to love visiting the Irish side of my family during the summer holidays when I was a kid. My cousin, Aine, emailed me the other day, and asked if I remembered a girl we used to play... Continue Reading →

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

It's Slice Of Life time again. One of the prompts this week is A Very Hot Day. Very apt for this time of year in Australia. I wrote about the heatwave we've been having not long ago, but the recent heat was nothing compared to a few years ago when it was 44 degrees C... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Fadeaway…

One of the prompts from Cricket's Slice Of Life this week is The Light of Reason. I have wracked my brain for a couple of days trying to come up with a moment in my life where reason prevailed, but all I could think of were examples of my unreasonableness. Until today. Today was one... Continue Reading →

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