I’m Walkin’ Here!!

As always, walking is incredibly good for my mindset. The things I see soothe, inspire and energise. Here are some of the sights I saw this week.... The beautiful colours of native Aussie flora. For those of us who live in more urban areas it is a wonderful thing to have such colours brightening up... Continue Reading →

Still Walkin’…..

July already. Where is the year going? More to the point, where did last week go? I just didn't seem to find the time to blog at all....but more on that later. Fortunately, I still had a bit of time to get out and about. Here are some of the cool things I saw -... Continue Reading →

In Spite Of The Rain

In spite of the very heavy rain we've been experiencing in Sydney, I still managed to get out and take some shots this week. I find my week feels a bit empty if I don't take at least a few shots. The turning bridge at Glebe Island looked like it had been shaded with charcoal... Continue Reading →

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