Drops Of Purple

It's that time of year again when the jacaranda blossoms fall. And the world, for a moment, seems bedecked with purple bells. It is a gentle segue into the bells of Christmas. Oh, how I love the Sydney jacarandas.

Noticing Purple

Have you ever noticed how much purple appears in nature? There it is, just growing around the neighbourhood. Even purple street art seems right somehow - I like to imagine the paint was pressed from petals hanging over walls or flicked like dust from French lavender. Purple is grand, striking and just a tiny bit... Continue Reading →

Nothing But Weeds

Some things are very therapeutic. Like pulling weeds in the garden. Forget gardening gloves, trowels, forks. Just get in there with your bare hands and rip the weeds out. Clods of earth fly as I grit my teeth. Little bugs run. Birds fly down to have a look. It's raining a bit but I don't... Continue Reading →

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