All Gone

I can't stop thinking about the people of Japan. The earthquake. The tsunami. The unbelievable destruction. All those bodies washing up on the shore. The sorrow, the fear, the numbness. It's like seeing that flower every morning as you step out of your door. And then one day it's gone. Gone for good. Along with... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Michael.

And thank you for this song as performed by the delectable, delicious Mr. Cornell. One of the few men in this world I would consider running away with. We won't ever forget the music.

Do You Believe In Miracles?

When I was a little girl one of the things that really intrigued me about the Catholic church was miracles. I've read all about them from Saint Bernadette to weeping statues to crosses of light. An Australian nun, Mary MacKillop, who founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart  is said to have... Continue Reading →

And So It Begins

Possibility. The air shifts with it. It is a word only those who wield the greatest magic use. Usually, there are moments that remind me of everything else. Not this time. This time it is different. Not just for America, but for the world. Some of you may remember an Aussie band called INXS. Their... Continue Reading →

Fire Down Below

One of today's news headlines concerns a story of the Australian woman who suspected her husband was having an affair and well, set fire to his penis. And I thought Lorena Bobbitt was always going to be the one with the main claim to fame on that line of revenge. Unfortunately, as the man attempted... Continue Reading →

White Ribbon Day

Today is White Ribbon Day -    I'd like to dedicate this story to women who have experienced violence. May you find solace and peace.... SKY FULL OF BUTTERFLIES When Jen awakened in the hospital she didn't know where she was. One of her eyelids was sticking together and the pain she experienced when she... Continue Reading →

Too Cute To Be True

It's time for a feelgood story. You won't believe how cute this little hippo is - Say HELLO to Monifa. She is a rare pygmy hippopotamus born a few weeks ago in Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Click here to read about her. When you have clicked on the link you must check out the video within... Continue Reading →

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