I originally wrote this prior to the end of the world we were all expecting on December 21st but for one reason or another didn't get around to posting it. After experiencing the extreme heatwave in Sydney on Tuesday (nearly 43 degrees C) I feel slightly zombified, so I thought this story appropriate. Here it... Continue Reading →

Werewolf Alley

I saw this alleyway the other day and a little tale sprang to mind. Thanks so much for reading.... Frieda bought the warehouses for the alleyway. When she saw the ad online for two self-contained warehouses linked by an alleyway, suitable for commercial/industrial use, she couldn’t believe her luck. She had to hock everything she... Continue Reading →

Friday The 13th Spookies

I don't know if I was imagining it but I saw a lot of spooky things today. An abandoned building that looked haunted... Powerlines everywhere just waiting to come down.... The crow. Trying to hide. But I saw him. I SAW him. Fixing me with his baneful eye...... The spider, plump in his sticky web.... Continue Reading →

My Zombie Valentine

I had to do it. Couldn't help myself. Here's a little zombie tale just in time for Valentine's Day. Hope you all have a more normal Valentine's Day than Marcie did..... Marcie had gone out with Greg once. On Valentine’s Day six years ago. He had worked in the same office as she did but... Continue Reading →

Gargoyles Of Higher Learning

While visiting Sydney University the other day I had a walk through the Main Quadrangle. It is a magnificent building. It was built in the initial stages by Edmund Blacket between 1854-9 and not entirely finished until the 1960s. It is made of sandstone in a style known as Victorian academic gothic. To my utter... Continue Reading →

And The Dead Will Rise

* A little All Hallow's Eve tale just for you.... Melinda buried Ray in the churchyard. That was one of the handy things about living next door to a church , an historic church, there were a lot of graves, a lot of disused graves; and therefore a lot of places to dispose of a... Continue Reading →

Down The Steps

Another Hallowe'en tale for you. It is a little grisly. Thanks again for reading.... Luella knew she was damned. She could have walked away from Nona at any time, but she didn’t. She was weak, useless, she sickened herself; but she couldn’t stop. Nona had been a vampire for 6 months; bitten, drained and transformed... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Of The Rose

I'm writing some Hallowe'en stories this week which have been inspired by some images I have found in my local area. Maybe I live in a spookier neighbourhood than I thought..... Rudy hated roses because of her mother. Her mother had been the greatest rose grower the town had ever seen, growing everything from floribundas... Continue Reading →

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