I have been writing Selma In The City since 2007. It has been a mixture of short stories, social commentary, quirky photos and the odd bout of observational humour. For the past five years I have written hardly anything at all – my marriage broke up and while I had a lot to say about that I had trouble forming the words coherently on the page. It was hard to write because writing was like a refrain from an old life that I would never have again. I was numb, adrift,  unfocused, just trying to get through the day; I found it hard to think about other people and their stories let alone write about them.

But the need to write never quite leaves you and with time you drift less and focus more. There is so much going on in this city of Sydney right now (and all over the world) that I have to be able to make sense of it somehow. And writing is the best way to do that.

So, welcome. Hope you’ll stay awhile…….

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