Broken Wings

It all started with an angel with broken wings. I found her in the lane, discarded, her wings snapped by the weather or maybe eroded away by time; obviously no longer wanted without them. I walked past her for three days - back and forth - pretending not to look at her, pretending not to... Continue Reading →

The Return Of The One-Legged Blogger

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know I am still here. I am sorry if I worried anyone by my sudden disappearance. I had an accident and was in hospital for 2 weeks. I fell off a wall (6 foot drop.) The reason I fell off the wall was that it was crumbling and... Continue Reading →

The Sky Is Falling!

Remember the children's story Chicken Little? The one who thought the sky was falling in? When I was about six I had to play Chicken Little in the school play. It wasn't hard to remember the lines : "The sky is falling in, the sky is falling in" over and over again. Even though I... Continue Reading →

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