Broken Wings

It all started with an angel with broken wings. I found her in the lane, discarded, her wings snapped by the weather or maybe eroded away by time; obviously no longer wanted without them. I walked past her for three days - back and forth - pretending not to look at her, pretending not to... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Fridays With Tex. Texasblu is a blogger and gifted writer I met through many of the writing blogs out there. She used to contribute regularly to my now defunct blog Search Engine Stories and I believe she will make it someday soon as a writer. Texasblu primarily writes young adult fiction which she... Continue Reading →

A Gathering Of Angels

I met angels this week. Real angels in human form, sent to save me from falling into despair. I have met people akin to angels a few times before in my life but not until now have I actually felt I was in the presence of the divine. First of all there was Jon -... Continue Reading →

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