That’s Ms.Versatility To You

My friend, Gabrielle Bryden, poet, blogger and emu-photographer extraordinaire has kindly bestowed on me the Versatile Blogger award. It makes me happy when someone refers to me as versatile because versatility suggests to me a level of spontaneity, open-mindedness and generosity of spirit that we should all aim for. I'm not saying that I am... Continue Reading →

I’d Like To Thank…..

Back in the Mesozoic Era (that's how slack I am) the lovely Bec gave me this award. You are so kind, Bec. Thank you so much. Please go and check out her blog if you already haven't. She lives in England and I love hearing all the tales from home (although my fellow Scots would... Continue Reading →

I Am Very Grateful For….

these awards from Meleah: She is the biggest-hearted person I know in the blogging world. I'd like to pass this award on to - Chris at A Dark In The Light April at Desperate Writer Groovy at Groovy's Ruminations and the wonderful Gypsy Meleah has also bestowed upon me the honour of this award -... Continue Reading →

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