The Fountain

Today is Pink Ribbon Day in Australia which raises awareness (and money) for breast cancer. Whenever this day comes round I think of my friend, Andie, who died three years ago from breast cancer at age 42. Even when people are gone and have been gone for years you still think of them. Part of... Continue Reading →

Winter Music

My dear friend TBall is currently undergoing chemotherapy. It must be a terribly frightening thing for her to go through, yet she acts with such grace. I have written her a Christmas story as my way of wishing her well. This one's for you, Terry. I know you can get through this very difficult time.......... Continue Reading →

Say A Little Prayer

My dear blogging friend, TBall, is at home recovering from surgery for breast cancer this week. I was hoping that you would join me in praying for her as she is still waiting for the final results as to whether the cancer has spread or not. She is a lovely, warm, generous, talented person. I... Continue Reading →

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