Jolly Pots Of Colour

Do you ever see something that is very much part of your day to day environment that transports you to another place and time? I saw these pansies planted in the street by my local council and immediately thought of my Scottish grandmother. She was a disciplinarian, often inflexible and lacking in humour, someone to... Continue Reading →

Show And Tell

My neighbour has the cutest little boy, Matthew, who is in Kindergarten at the local school. He is going back to school tomorrow and is really excited because tomorrow is his favourite day - Show & Tell. Show & Tell usually consists of a group of children bringing something from home which they show the... Continue Reading →

The Fairy In The Wood.

* Painting by John Bauer. When I was eight and my cousin, Patrick, was nine, our families spent Christmas in Ireland. It was the winter solstice, the bleak midwinter, and the mist was spiralling in white ribbons from the North Atlantic. The kitchen in Grandma's cottage was warm, smelling of brandy and suet from the... Continue Reading →

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