The Saddest Goodbye….

My Uncle Denis died yesterday. He was my Mum's brother and was a larrikin of the highest order but without question had the kindest heart of anyone I have ever known. His love for animals and his care for stray dogs, cats, any creature without a home was legendary. But he was broken. His marriage... Continue Reading →

Pillars Of Salt

Some days are harder than others. I went to a funeral today. A woman I have known for fifteen years but barely know. How can it be possible to know someone for fifteen years and not know that they like banana cake better than any other cake in the world? Or doo wop groups from... Continue Reading →

Jokes At Dinnertime

Sometimes when the phone rings at ten minutes to six I think it is my friend, Andie. She knew how much I hate cooking the evening meal, that I usually start around 5.30PM after uhhhm-ing and aaahhh-ing for ages before deciding what is on the menu. She used to quiz me about what I was... Continue Reading →

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