I found this stone angel on the street a few years back. Her little wings had snapped off and she had been dumped in the lane way. She looked desolate when I found her, downcast, abject. She quickly became a metaphor for my life at the time. I kept her by the door leading to... Continue Reading →

Back From The Brink

I'm back. It was a close call there for a bit but I managed to pull myself out of the dark. Or get pulled out by those who didn't want to see me fall down something a lot more gruesome than Alice's rabbit hole. I had a breakdown. Nervous/mental exhaustion they call it these days.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

A lot of people say that you shouldn't talk about negative stuff on your blog. I completely disagree with that as you might expect. I want to talk about real life here - the good, the bad, the raw, stinking guts of it. Last week I didn't feel like blogging at all. I felt incredibly... Continue Reading →

Don’t Say Anything Negative

Mama said there'd be days like these. Or weeks. Maybe even months. She also said : 'Don't say anything negative. It's Christmas.' Sometimes the blackness can hit in the middle of a bright, shiny day when the sky is clear. It hit me on Monday afternoon like a battering ram to the chest, knocking the... Continue Reading →

Open Window

One of the prompts from Cricket's Slice Of Life this week is a necessary evil. Oh, those necessary evils of life, the things we don't like but know must happen, like work or taxes or interfering in-laws. We all endure them, those unpleasant necessities, but do you think that sometimes a necessary evil can transform... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

It springs eternal, or so they tell me. Hope. You gotta have it. It is as essential to the human condition as breathing, but why do some of us have it in abundance while others feel it has abandoned us? I got thinking about hope the other day when I got a call from Trish... Continue Reading →

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