The Circle Of Life

On Friday I learned my former brother-in-law's sister had passed away. 58 years old and she just dropped dead from a stroke while she was out shopping with her daughter. I didn't know it but she had extremely high blood pressure. Dangerously high. She wasn't taking her medication. Krissy and I have remained friends since... Continue Reading →


I haven't participated in the Sunday Scribblings writing prompt before but I really liked the prompt this week so thought I'd give it a go. The prompt this week is LOST - {This story is dedicated to my friend, Gina, who after 20 years of marriage is getting divorced. She goes walking at night to... Continue Reading →

Looking Up At The Sun

Just like the song - I got sunshine on a cloudy day. She threw him out. After five days. My sister threw the bastard out. 'It wasn't a reconciliation,' she insists. 'I don't know what it was. I felt sorry for him and I became confused but when he spoke I didn't listen, I could... Continue Reading →

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