We're caught in a trap I can't get out Because I love you too much, baby Elvis sang about it in Suspicious Minds. Feeling trapped. Feeling scared. A prisoner of love. It seems like I am talking a lot about domestic violence and love gone wrong these days but I am pleased to relay to... Continue Reading →

Bringing It All Back

When things are really bad in our lives, whatever the reason for the badness, we often feel like the good stuff will never come back into our lives again. This suffusion in badness is probably most prominent in situations concerning domestic violence. I want to tell you about a good thing that came from a... Continue Reading →

Road Signs, Life Signs

Do you ever see a sign on the street or on the road and think: You don't know how right you are, Mr. Street Sign....? Sometimes I think those signs aren't just giving us directions while we drive or walk they're like signposts alerting us to that bump we are about to hit in our... Continue Reading →

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