A Quiet Place

Do you have a quiet place where you can sit and just feel? Get your breath back? Maybe get your sanity back? My quiet place is under the ancient fig tree in the park. It is substantial and constant. The canopy casts soothing shadows where creatures from other worlds live and birds hide from the... Continue Reading →

Phone Call From An Old Friend

My friend, Jillian, called me unexpectedly yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. It was unexpected because Jillian and I haven't spoken for over six years. Jillian's husband is what I call a fully functioning alcoholic. He holds down a responsible job, pays the mortgage, occasionally picks up the kids from school, and to the... Continue Reading →

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

I started to feel myself falling down the rabbit hole when my sister played me the tapes the police had given her of the interview with her ex after he had been arrested for assault. They asked him (the next day when he was sober) what he was thinking when he attacked her with a... Continue Reading →

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