Stones In The Bonfire

The Writers Island prompt this week is superstition. Hope you enjoy this little tale. { Image: Superstition by Samsaralark at Deviant Art } We watch those living in doubt, in fear, stumbling in the darkness. Good luck, they say when embarking on a new venture. Best of luck. What a stroke of luck. I'm on... Continue Reading →

The Girl In The Cafe

It's Writer's Island time again. The prompt this week is extravagant. My story is a bit of an anti-corporate rant. I just couldn't help it. THE GIRL IN THE CAFÉ Miranda hated the bag George, her boss, had given her, handing it to her reverently like it was the Holy Grail. ‘It’s a Prada Nappa... Continue Reading →

Playing with thought.

It's Writers Island time again. The prompt this week is impulse. Here's my story - The trees edged the street, leaning forward like old ladies looking into a pram. It was a fortress of leaves, a clutch of branches that cast a watery green light onto the road. Rae stood at the front of the... Continue Reading →

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