The Faithful

This week on Writers Island the prompt is - faithful. If you enjoy writing you should give Writers Island a go. It's a great way of challenging yourself. Here is my story. THE FAITHFUL The city looks French-washed from the rooftops; brushed with white by the mist of early morning. We sleep on roofs now.... Continue Reading →

The Everlasting

Writers island time again. The prompt this week is ferocious. This is a heart-warming little ditty about werewolves. Hope you like it - Martha didn’t like the look of the kids in lock-up. Lean and sly. And good-looking like rockstars. The good-looking ones were always the worst, tried to manipulate you with their pretty faces.... Continue Reading →

Learning To Walk Again

Another fun prompt from Writers Island again this week. The prompt is - OUTRAGEOUS. Here's my little ditty.... The wind was fierce, pulling the branches of the jacaranda down and then releasing them so quickly they looked like fingers flung to the twilight sky. Madeline emerged from the bathroom as mauve clouds began to group.... Continue Reading →

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