When Your First Love Is Your Last

I've been writing a bit about first loves, first kisses lately. It got me thinking about one of Sydney's most famous ghosts - a woman who never got over her first love. In fact, she died from grief as a result of losing her love. For those of you have read Charles Dickens' Great Expectations... Continue Reading →

Her Endless Love….

I have a sixteen year old goddaughter. When I was asked to be Lacey's Godmother I was honoured but had very little idea what was involved. I had a vague impression of me swanning around all sweetness and light, singing catchy little inspirational ditties like the Fairy Godmother in Disney's Cinderella. The original role of... Continue Reading →

A Simple Twist Of Fate.

'I can't believe it's you,' he says. 'After all this time. You still look great. Better than you did when you were 17.' He hasn't changed - smooth operator - my mother called him, but I accept the compliment in the spirit with which I hope it is intended. He looks good too; well-travelled, lean,... Continue Reading →

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