2013…Here We Come……

HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2013. Sounds good, doesn't it? I want to make a really fresh start this year so I want to do a bit of clearing out of the negative energy, bad thoughts, in my life with some lists and such. I love lists, they seem so formal and productive somehow. (Hope you can... Continue Reading →

Brand New Door

There’s a sweet melancholy that comes after Christmas. Glad it’s over, sad it’s over. Christmas evening leaves me standing in a hallway – a door at my back, a door at my front. Both doors are slightly ajar; the one behind me still claiming me even though very soon it will close and push me... Continue Reading →

Let It Go

I have trouble letting go of certain things. Things where I feel I have been wronged. Where I stand on a mountaintop with the wind in my hair, casting scornful glances at the plebeians below me, an expression of self righteousness on my face. Casting blame is dangerous. And it is never really completely cut... Continue Reading →

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