Things That Make You Go Oooooooh!

You're probably wondering about the title of this post. Well, I'm not talking about going Oooooh in the sense of being excited or thrilled¬† or awestruck; I'm not even referring to going Ooooooh in a sensual way.... I am talking about going Ooooooh as the result of a good-old fashioned moment of having the pants... Continue Reading →

The Old Fisherman’s Ghost

¬† One of the prompts from Cricket's Slice Of Life this week is no stone unturned. This is a bit of a ghost story..... ¬† When I was on holiday in Ireland in my early twenties my cousins, Aine, Jessie and I borrowed Uncle Paddy's car to go to a party in the next village.... Continue Reading →

When Your First Love Is Your Last

I've been writing a bit about first loves, first kisses lately. It got me thinking about one of Sydney's most famous ghosts - a woman who never got over her first love. In fact, she died from grief as a result of losing her love. For those of you have read Charles Dickens' Great Expectations... Continue Reading →

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