Things That Make You Go Oooooooh!

You're probably wondering about the title of this post. Well, I'm not talking about going Oooooh in the sense of being excited or thrilled  or awestruck; I'm not even referring to going Ooooooh in a sensual way.... I am talking about going Ooooooh as the result of a good-old fashioned moment of having the pants... Continue Reading →

The Old Fisherman’s Ghost

  One of the prompts from Cricket's Slice Of Life this week is no stone unturned. This is a bit of a ghost story.....   When I was on holiday in Ireland in my early twenties my cousins, Aine, Jessie and I borrowed Uncle Paddy's car to go to a party in the next village.... Continue Reading →

When Your First Love Is Your Last

I've been writing a bit about first loves, first kisses lately. It got me thinking about one of Sydney's most famous ghosts - a woman who never got over her first love. In fact, she died from grief as a result of losing her love. For those of you have read Charles Dickens' Great Expectations... Continue Reading →

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