Bougainvillea On My Mind

Everything happens for a reason, so they say. There is a chance to learn and grow even from bad experiences. I get that. I really get it, but sometimes I get sick of being pulled back into the negative energy of the past. My brother-in-law is drinking again. It didn’t take him long. The violence... Continue Reading →

Grief and Other Animals

Before I begin today's post I would like to thank the following people for giving me these awards: Lissa gave me this cool award: Lissa is one of the main writers at Search Engine Stories and I really think she is going places. Check out her blog Just Writing Words and you'll see what I... Continue Reading →

Jokes At Dinnertime

Sometimes when the phone rings at ten minutes to six I think it is my friend, Andie. She knew how much I hate cooking the evening meal, that I usually start around 5.30PM after uhhhm-ing and aaahhh-ing for ages before deciding what is on the menu. She used to quiz me about what I was... Continue Reading →

Moments Of Sadness

I mentioned in a previous post that my friend, Andie, had passed away from breast cancer, leaving behind two children. Her ten-year old daughter was ill on the weekend with a sore throat and Andie's husband rang me in a panic to find out if I knew how to make Andie's lemon soother drink. Lizzie... Continue Reading →

The Witch’s House.

When I was a child we used to go on holiday to Ireland a lot. My Grandmother and countless aunts and uncles lived there in a fishing village on the west coast. The North Atlantic acted as a backdrop to every outdoor scene. The sea was always so choppy it appeared to be full of... Continue Reading →


This clumsy attempt is dedicated to my friend, Luisa, who lost her husband five years ago on this day. She still longs for him.... She missed him sometimes, even after all these years. It always happened when the air began to smell of summer and the days grew longer. Those evenings came back in a... Continue Reading →

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