The Waiting

Back and forth to the hospital all week. Driving Jules. She is staying in her mother's house, her childhood home, trying to come to terms with finding remnants of the girl she was all over the place. A hairclip made in France in the bathroom cabinet, old but free of dust. She used to pull... Continue Reading →

Sad Day

I learned today that my dear Uncle Sean is on life support in hospital in Ireland after falling into a diabetic coma. This afternoon he was read the last rites. The doctors asked (begged) him to cut down on his drinking but being the Irish larrikin that he is, he didn't. A man of great... Continue Reading →

Simple Signs Of Life

I haven't been able to post for a few days due to a recurrence of my old chronic illness, the sleek and silent energy zapper, endometriosis. I had a little bit of a fainting spell due to my iron levels dropping all of a sudden, and my blood pressure along with them. Luckily, I was... Continue Reading →

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