Pinching Myself On The First Of The Month

We have a saying in Australia on the first of each month - A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. I don't know the origin of the saying but I remember being covered in bruises whenever the first of the month fell on a school day. Allison Halloran, a normally quiet... Continue Reading →

Forming Links

Thanks to Chris and Paisley, I've been thinking a lot about kindness this week. What has struck me is how frequently one sees an act of unkindness being perpetrated and how those acts of unkindness have a potency that almost overshadow any subsequent acts of kindness we may witness. There is a sense of outrage... Continue Reading →

The Only Thing That’s Real

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my son going to High School next year and how we had discovered a boy who had been bullying him for years would be at the same school. I will admit I panicked. I never have a reasonable reaction to bullying because I have seen some kids... Continue Reading →

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