Let It Go

I have trouble letting go of certain things. Things where I feel I have been wronged. Where I stand on a mountaintop with the wind in my hair, casting scornful glances at the plebeians below me, an expression of self righteousness on my face. Casting blame is dangerous. And it is never really completely cut... Continue Reading →

Where The Sea Goes

When Enid knew Cassie was dead she felt parts of her body turn brittle overnight. She was frightened in case she banged into something and saw herself shatter. Her mind was overflowing with pain, anger and emptiness. The colours of the day had changed. They were dull stone. Neil had let Cassie take the blame... Continue Reading →

The New Day.

I'm sitting in a cafe with my friend, Laura. She is eating a Full English Breakfast at 4PM. The egg yolks are sunny side up, with runny yolks - juicy yolks, my son calls them - she gags slightly as she eats them but I hover over her like a Sergeant Major. "Eat," I urge.... Continue Reading →

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