Bougainvillea On My Mind

Everything happens for a reason, so they say. There is a chance to learn and grow even from bad experiences. I get that. I really get it, but sometimes I get sick of being pulled back into the negative energy of the past. My brother-in-law is drinking again. It didn’t take him long. The violence... Continue Reading →

Power Of Rocks And Stones

I see a rock on the nook of this tree every time I go to the park. Whenever I see it I look around, scouring the park for who might have placed it there as if there is some phantom rock leaver wandering the city streets. It gets me thinking about rocks and stones. Cairns.... Continue Reading →

Memories Of Colour

There are a series of colourful prompts to choose from this week over at Search Engine Stories. They are - yellow as joy, forest green glass, wild purple, cold white ice, cobalt blue sky and sex red female. The option is to use as many of them as you want in your story. I decided... Continue Reading →

Invisible Scars

I spent yesterday morning with Tanya's husband, Rick. Tanya collapsed overnight and had to be taken to hospital. Rick has suspected for a while that she has been close to having a breakdown. "She couldn't sit still. She was like a caged bird," he said. "Up and down all night, listening outside Leo's door to... Continue Reading →

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