It Works….

Those of you who know me know I am not of a hugely religious persuasion in the sense that I go to church and quote from the Bible but I do feel a little bit spiritual from time to time (well, most of the time, actually.) And lately, I have come to believe quite firmly... Continue Reading →

Magnolias At Dusk

There are days when magnolia blossoms feel like offerings, hands pitched in prayer. The petals are smooth as expensive leather, not out of place at all as the material needed for a Parisian lady's handbag. Vintage pink. Classy. Not too bright. As if flecked ever-so-subtly with the tiniest shades of grey. There is comfort to... Continue Reading →

Time Traveller

Scenes from around the neighbourhood keep inspiring me. Looking through the trees made me think of this story. I think it was the shadows and colours that got me. It's about travelling through time.... The colour was fading from the landscape. Rosalind knew it was a bad sign. It meant she was fading too, disintegrating,... Continue Reading →

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