Brand New Door

There’s a sweet melancholy that comes after Christmas. Glad it’s over, sad it’s over. Christmas evening leaves me standing in a hallway – a door at my back, a door at my front. Both doors are slightly ajar; the one behind me still claiming me even though very soon it will close and push me... Continue Reading →

Little White Flowers

Whenever I see little white flowers I think of my Aunt Nelly. She loved white flowers of all kinds but especially the tinier ones. So delicate. So pretty. Aunt Nelly was a great embroiderer. She created all sorts of wonderful things from handkerchiefs to lace collars to tapestries, with her beautiful needlework. On every piece... Continue Reading →

Funny Rich Man

The prompt on Search Engine Stories this week is  funny rich man.   Here's my story.....     Horatio Hogg was one of the richest men in the world but he tried to hide it. When he was out walking among the general populace he wore threadbare jeans and boots with scuffed toes. He let... Continue Reading →

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