Invisible Images Meme

Angry has tagged me for this meme. RULE: Any image used for this meme must never have been used for any purpose by you before. INSTRUCTIONS: 1: Take 5 images that you have stored on your computer and post them, each with a title and/or a single line description of what the image is, or... Continue Reading →

Love Meme, Hate Meme.

Bonnie over at Bonnie's Books has tagged me for a fun meme. It is about things we love and things we hate. I LOVE TO EAT : Roast chicken sandwiches with salad, avocado and lots of pepper. Mmmmmmm. I HATE TO EAT: Capsicum. I try and try but I just don't like the taste of... Continue Reading →

More Meme Goodness.

The air is thick with the meme. Roshan over at Awake And Dreaming has tagged me for a Personal Meme. The rules are : * link to the person who tagged you * post the rules on your blog * share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself * tag at least 3 people at... Continue Reading →

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