Still Here…..

You may be forgiven for thinking I'd left the blogosphere for good, and I wouldn't blame you at all, but it's been all on for young and old. So much has happened in the past month that the only way to tackle it is via the trusty bullet point. So here we go.... We moved.... Continue Reading →

The Red Door

* This is a story for my dearest friend, Gina, who has found true love again after surviving what can only be described as a calamitous divorce. What Gina has taught me is that it is very important in life to never give up hope, especially when it comes to the big things like career,... Continue Reading →

Right Hand Turn

Haven't done a Magpie for a while but I couldn't resist this picture. For more Magpie Tales click on the link. It was the last time Hank touched her. They were standing at the intersection of Smith and Taylor streets, the one where the arrows to the city and away again were stencilled on the... Continue Reading →

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