I was excited to learn that today is World Zombie Day. It is an international effort to address and alleviate world hunger. I think it's a great cause and who doesn't love zombies? I know I do. I just had to write a zombie tale in honour of such an auspicious day. Enjoy World Zombie... Continue Reading →

Moon Gazing

There are those who regard the moon as iconic. Responsible for so many things - the tides, poetry, music, whether or not werewolves howl. Others regard it as evidence, the closest we have, that other worlds besides our own exist or have existed. I acknlowledge those things but when I look at the moon I... Continue Reading →

Say It With Flowers

The last month has been really bad for me. It would be fair to say it was crap. I try not to dwell on the negatives too much and to focus on hopeful things but sometimes I just feel like blowing the entire world an enormous raspberry. I want to say, though, how grateful I... Continue Reading →

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