Down The Steps

Another Hallowe'en tale for you. It is a little grisly. Thanks again for reading.... Luella knew she was damned. She could have walked away from Nona at any time, but she didn’t. She was weak, useless, she sickened herself; but she couldn’t stop. Nona had been a vampire for 6 months; bitten, drained and transformed... Continue Reading →

Time It Was

A Simon & Garfunkel song, Old Friends, Bookends has one of the most haunting melodies I have ever heard. It is the haunting, lilting tone of remembrance, the ways things used to be.       Old Friends  Memory brushes the same years  Last weekend one of my oldest friends, Lou, came to visit me.... Continue Reading →

The Painter In The Street.

"I remember when you lived in that house," he said. "The one on the hill. It looked like it was leaning over the street. The wind used to whip through the maple trees and sing in the eaves. I saw you once, dancing in the leaves. You had on a white dress and you kicked... Continue Reading →

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