This Lorikeet Life.

I watch the lorikeets as they fly in search of a tree to settle in, wavering, hovering like a rainbow-coloured constellation as they tick off their selection criteria one by one. Shady spot, fairly dense foliage, enough protection from possible rainfall, not too close to walls so predators can spring unannounced. As they choose a... Continue Reading →

Love And Other Bruises.

I have bruises on my arms. They are green and purple. Quite pretty if you hold them up to the light. They remind me of a green and purple dress I had in the seventies. It was tie-dyed with a lace up bodice. Very cool in its day. I thought I was the folk singer,... Continue Reading →

The Conversation You Have To Have.

My friend Julia rang me this morning. Her daughter goes to school with my son. They have been close friends since Kindergarten. They are now both 11. We have had conversations with both children about being safe on the internet. A few days ago that conversation paid off for Julia. Her daughter emails her friends... Continue Reading →

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