Heavy With Rain

Today has been heavy with rain. It has formed perfect ponds in the garden. I am excited, foolishly expecting water lilies to grow. Or frogs to cavort. The grass squeaks like freshly washed hair. It is light green. The birds sit on the fence, heads pulled in, feathers ruffled like punks, holding their beaks on... Continue Reading →

Night Rain

It is a rainy night. The clouds are a creamy grey. A calm has descended on the street. The road is swept clean by the rain, handwashed as if by a giant paintbrush. The curtains move slightly on the bedroom window closest to the door. There is the tiniest of draughts there. Sometimes when the... Continue Reading →

You Left Me Standing In The Rain

My prompt this week on Search Engine Stories is  you left me standing in the rain. Here is my story -    I was born in the country under a River Red Gum. My mother was a painter - landscapes mostly. One day when she was nine months pregnant she stopped under a tree, my... Continue Reading →

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