Heavy With Rain

Today has been heavy with rain. It has formed perfect ponds in the garden. I am excited, foolishly expecting water lilies to grow. Or frogs to cavort. The grass squeaks like freshly washed hair. It is light green. The birds sit on the fence, heads pulled in, feathers ruffled like punks, holding their beaks on... Continue Reading →

Night Rain

It is a rainy night. The clouds are a creamy grey. A calm has descended on the street. The road is swept clean by the rain, handwashed as if by a giant paintbrush. The curtains move slightly on the bedroom window closest to the door. There is the tiniest of draughts there. Sometimes when the... Continue Reading →

You Left Me Standing In The Rain

My prompt this week on Search Engine Stories is  you left me standing in the rain. Here is my story -    I was born in the country under a River Red Gum. My mother was a painter - landscapes mostly. One day when she was nine months pregnant she stopped under a tree, my... Continue Reading →

Buckets of Rain

Cold water. Water that smells like trees. Falling in black puddles at my feet. It's been raining for a month in Sydney. The winter rains. Absent for years since the drought came but back now in full force. The rain falls like a rock 'n' roll song. Or a blues tune. 'I'm back, baby!' it... Continue Reading →

Southerly Wind

Sometimes when a southerly wind hits, blowing all the way from Antarctica, there is an air of melancholy captured within it; the melancholy that comes with imagining winter. The camellias bend, dropping pink and white petals on the grass like little flower girls filling the world with colour at a wedding. They are cold, the... Continue Reading →

It’s Raining Again

My local library is a great place to sit when it rains. Huge windows look out onto beautifully manicured gardens. Beyond that lies the main road. The windows wrap around the building creating a sense of panorama that lets in light but no wind. Maple trees line the back wall. Their pale green leaves cup... Continue Reading →

Window Seats And Wishes.

'If you had a wish what would you wish for?' Jake asked. The usual suspects sprang to mind - world peace, the reversal of climate change, no more polar bears clinging desperately to melting ice floes, a cure for AIDS, the disarmament of all nuclear weapons, the bridging of the gap between rich and poor.... Continue Reading →


Have you ever had a 'flu you just can't shake? I've been stuck with one since Christmas Eve. It waxes and wanes in strength - some days I feel relatively normal but on other days I can barely drag myself to the kitchen to get some juice. The doctor has said I have 'a non-specific... Continue Reading →

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