Power Of Rocks And Stones

I see a rock on the nook of this tree every time I go to the park. Whenever I see it I look around, scouring the park for who might have placed it there as if there is some phantom rock leaver wandering the city streets. It gets me thinking about rocks and stones. Cairns.... Continue Reading →

Glimpses Of Goodbye

There are images that linger, that steal into our line of vision and lodge themselves forever in our hearts when we say goodbye. There is a sense of time and space being moulded, formed into something recognisable for always, a metaphysical photograph folded carefully and kept in our pockets. Remembrance can be dismal. It can... Continue Reading →

BALI – 2002

Yesterday, Australians everywhere remembered the 88 Australians who were killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. Remembrance services were held all over the country. For those who lost their lives, and for the loved ones left behind - our thoughts and prayers are with you. We won't forget the loss of you....

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