Poppies In The Wind

Jules’ mother died on Monday afternoon. Louisa. That was her name. She had another massive stroke and it killed her almost instantly. Jules was with her when it happened. I wasn’t. I was out at a café near the hospital trying to get some decent coffee. And some freshly squeezed juice for Jules. Like many... Continue Reading →

Blue Light

WOAH - it's almost Christmas. I have been sporadic with my blogging, lately. It has been quite a year. I would like to thank all of you for sticking with me this year. It means so much to me. So I was thinking and thinking how I could repay y'all (did you like how I... Continue Reading →

Missing You Already

Yesterday I bade farewell to my dear friend Jules and her family as they flew off to live in jolly old England. I have kept a stiff upper lip throughout the process of her move and I have to say that stoicism sucks. I was all  - It's going to be amazing I love England... Continue Reading →

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