Waiting For Snow

I haven't managed to post for a couple of days because I have found a pain akin to childbirth. Dental pain. Good God, I 'd rather cut my leg off below the knee with a rusty saw than endure another night of that. My teeth are in good condition, but I have two fillings in... Continue Reading →

Sweet Mistress Mischief

This week on Search Engine Stories the prompt is sweet mischief. I immediately thought of writing a story about mischievous fairies but then this story came to me instead.  Unusual subject matter for me, but an occupation I find fascinating......     Sometimes I wonder what I am doing with my life, teetering on the... Continue Reading →

Calling all writers…..

I have a great prompt over at Search Engine Stories this week. The Boy and the Mermaid. If you have been considering writing something, why not give it a go? We have some great writers on board. You should check out their work.

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