Funny Rich Man

The prompt on Search Engine Stories this week is  funny rich man.   Here's my story.....     Horatio Hogg was one of the richest men in the world but he tried to hide it. When he was out walking among the general populace he wore threadbare jeans and boots with scuffed toes. He let... Continue Reading →

You Left Me Standing In The Rain

My prompt this week on Search Engine Stories is  you left me standing in the rain. Here is my story -    I was born in the country under a River Red Gum. My mother was a painter - landscapes mostly. One day when she was nine months pregnant she stopped under a tree, my... Continue Reading →

Dropping Out Is Hard To Do

I dropped out for a bit there on the weekend. My eyes are sore from activating nose-to-the-grindstone mode on Adobe In Design for my boss, my son and husband are sick, and above all, I was just a little weary. But dropping out is hard to do because I miss out on so much. Always.... Continue Reading →

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