Panic And Goodness

The Oxford Dictionary defines panic as :ย  a sudden uncontrollable fear or alarm or infectious fright I saw this piece of street art in the midst of a state ofย  panic and felt it was pertinent to me with its slightly greenish hues and face dripping with paint. I wonder if the artist knew at... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

A lot of people say that you shouldn't talk about negative stuff on your blog. I completely disagree with that as you might expect. I want to talk about real life here - the good, the bad, the raw, stinking guts of it. Last week I didn't feel like blogging at all. I felt incredibly... Continue Reading →

Economically Maladjusted.

Debt. The sub prime crisis. Interest rate hikes - another, then another, then another, and why not another. Supposed to lower inflation, but guess what? It's still rising. Everyone pays on credit cards because they have no cash. Some interest rates are above 20%. By the time you pay off the balance you have paid... Continue Reading →

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