A Little Bit Of Head-Clearing

On the days when you walk around to clear your head it's amazing what you can see.... Cutie-pie, sweet-faced duck. Big Daddy Duck. Two jugglers juggling. A grim, ghastly gargoyle. A sign on the back of a truck which is  very true because when you think about it without trucks and the transportation industry the... Continue Reading →

Earth, Sky And Waves

I've been feeling a bit upset this week, what with all the drama, so I took myself off on a walk to cheer myself up. As usual, it lifted my spirits, and also (as usual) meant I saw some great sights. This is an art installation down at Bicentennial Park in Glebe. It is part... Continue Reading →

Ramblin’ Around

I was out walking today, the sun was shining in my eyes and I could have sworn this mass of greenery moved. Don't you think the bit in the middle looks like a head and the bushy bits on either side look like raised arms? I'm sure this bushy man must walk around at night.... Continue Reading →

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