Time Traveller

Scenes from around the neighbourhood keep inspiring me. Looking through the trees made me think of this story. I think it was the shadows and colours that got me. It's about travelling through time.... The colour was fading from the landscape. Rosalind knew it was a bad sign. It meant she was fading too, disintegrating,... Continue Reading →

Out Of Time

The prompt for Carry on Tuesday this week is taken from Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee - We loved with a love that was more than love Here is my story. I knew Finn a little before Hedra sent us to find her son. He was in my time-travelling class and got an A+ for... Continue Reading →

The Keeper Of The Hours

It's Writers Island time again. The prompt this week is TIME TRAVEL. Here is my rather wordy story - THE KEEPER OF THE HOURS We are having an intervention of sorts. Four witches, all that remains of the coven, seeking desperate measures to save ourselves. We argue as we wait for the Keeper of the... Continue Reading →

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