Down The Steps

Another Hallowe'en tale for you. It is a little grisly. Thanks again for reading.... Luella knew she was damned. She could have walked away from Nona at any time, but she didn’t. She was weak, useless, she sickened herself; but she couldn’t stop. Nona had been a vampire for 6 months; bitten, drained and transformed... Continue Reading →

Blood On The Mirror

* I just felt like a vampire tale today. Thanks so much for reading..... Tilly believed in true love. The once in a lifetime, you are my soulmate forever, I will love you till the day I die kind. People said she didn't do things by halves. And when it came to love, she didn't.... Continue Reading →

I Hate Love

Writers Island, a great place to get writing prompts, is on hiatus for a while. I enjoy the challenge of writing fiction from a prompt so I have decided to start a series of prompts on my own, right here every Saturday. I would love it if anyone would care to join me. Ever checked... Continue Reading →

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