Werewolf Alley

I saw this alleyway the other day and a little tale sprang to mind. Thanks so much for reading.... Frieda bought the warehouses for the alleyway. When she saw the ad online for two self-contained warehouses linked by an alleyway, suitable for commercial/industrial use, she couldn’t believe her luck. She had to hock everything she... Continue Reading →

The Everlasting

Writers island time again. The prompt this week is ferocious. This is a heart-warming little ditty about werewolves. Hope you like it - Martha didn’t like the look of the kids in lock-up. Lean and sly. And good-looking like rockstars. The good-looking ones were always the worst, tried to manipulate you with their pretty faces.... Continue Reading →

I See A Full Moon Rising

Right now the moon is full. It would be a beautiful orb of buffalo mozzarella but for one thing - the incessant glare of a naked lightbulb coating the trees and the grass and the rooftops with moondust. I feel myself slipping into something akin to lunacy when the full moon rises. Mistress Insomnia creaks... Continue Reading →

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