Stones In The Bonfire

The Writers Island prompt this week is superstition. Hope you enjoy this little tale. { Image: Superstition by Samsaralark at Deviant Art } We watch those living in doubt, in fear, stumbling in the darkness. Good luck, they say when embarking on a new venture. Best of luck. What a stroke of luck. I'm on... Continue Reading →

Playing with thought.

It's Writers Island time again. The prompt this week is impulse. Here's my story - The trees edged the street, leaning forward like old ladies looking into a pram. It was a fortress of leaves, a clutch of branches that cast a watery green light onto the road. Rae stood at the front of the... Continue Reading →

The Faithful

This week on Writers Island the prompt is - faithful. If you enjoy writing you should give Writers Island a go. It's a great way of challenging yourself. Here is my story. THE FAITHFUL The city looks French-washed from the rooftops; brushed with white by the mist of early morning. We sleep on roofs now.... Continue Reading →

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