Don’t Run From The Challenge

So here we are in a new month. Many of us are facing lots of changes, lots of challenges at the moment. I want to ask you to join with me in facing your challenges this month. Grab hold of that knot of fear that is sitting in your stomach, blow a raspberry at the... Continue Reading →

With Thanks To Bobby D

This week's quote comes to you courtesy of the one and only Bob Dylan. Now there is a man who can pull a quote out of thin air. He has said (and written) so many notable and quotable things it is hard to narrow it down to just one of them. But this one spoke... Continue Reading →

The Nature Of Courage

There's a lot in life that requires courage when you think about it. We often view courage as a chest-banging, sword-wielding warrior type, but I think it can have a gentle face too. Gentle, tenacious and steadfast. Like this flower growing through the bricks. And this quote, so true and so relevant to the lives... Continue Reading →

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