On Anzac Day

When I was at university back in the '80s it became de rigueur to mock celebratory days like Anzac Day. People spoke in slogans to voice their disdain - Don't glorify war War Is Not Pro-Life War is futile To me all the naysayers seemed to be missing the point. Anzac Day and days like... Continue Reading →

Saving Daylight

Daylight saving has finally ended in New South Wales. I don't know if I like it or not (daylight saving, I mean). It's nice to have the longer, lighter days in summer where you can have barbecues and go for pleasant evening walks but I think it goes on for too long (nearly 6 months).... Continue Reading →

Rowers And Horn Blowers

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The sky was so bright that as soon as I walked outside I felt my spirits go WHOOOSH - straight up, soaring. I was so inspired by the brightness and blueness of the day that I made this comment on Twitter - Down at the park it was vivid... Continue Reading →

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