Just Keep Bouncing…….

We've spoken a bit over the last couple of days about getting back up when you've been knocked down, of not letting adversity get the better of you, of bouncing back. These are some of the things I have seen lately that have made me bounce back. My boy, my beautiful boy, blowing everyone away... Continue Reading →

When You Go Out Walking

I saw some great things out on my walks this week. One thing I love about this time of the year in Sydney is that all the magnolia trees begin to bloom. If there is anything more elegant or striking than a magnolia blossom, I don't know what it is. The deep pink ones are... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Of Head-Clearing

On the days when you walk around to clear your head it's amazing what you can see.... Cutie-pie, sweet-faced duck. Big Daddy Duck. Two jugglers juggling. A grim, ghastly gargoyle. A sign on the back of a truck which isĀ  very true because when you think about it without trucks and the transportation industry the... Continue Reading →

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