I originally wrote this prior to the end of the world we were all expecting on December 21st but for one reason or another didn't get around to posting it. After experiencing the extreme heatwave in Sydney on Tuesday (nearly 43 degrees C) I feel slightly zombified, so I thought this story appropriate. Here it... Continue Reading →

Face On The Footpath

I see lots of things on my walks that give me story ideas. This was a stencil I saw on the footpath that really got me thinking..... Jason knew Ilona was a witch. First of all, the name was a complete giveaway. Ilona – all otherworldly and sliding off the tongue like an incantation. Second... Continue Reading →

Werewolf Alley

I saw this alleyway the other day and a little tale sprang to mind. Thanks so much for reading.... Frieda bought the warehouses for the alleyway. When she saw the ad online for two self-contained warehouses linked by an alleyway, suitable for commercial/industrial use, she couldn’t believe her luck. She had to hock everything she... Continue Reading →

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