I originally wrote this prior to the end of the world we were all expecting on December 21st but for one reason or another didn't get around to posting it. After experiencing the extreme heatwave in Sydney on Tuesday (nearly 43 degrees C) I feel slightly zombified, so I thought this story appropriate. Here it... Continue Reading →

Face On The Footpath

I see lots of things on my walks that give me story ideas. This was a stencil I saw on the footpath that really got me thinking..... Jason knew Ilona was a witch. First of all, the name was a complete giveaway. Ilona – all otherworldly and sliding off the tongue like an incantation. Second... Continue Reading →

Werewolf Alley

I saw this alleyway the other day and a little tale sprang to mind. Thanks so much for reading.... Frieda bought the warehouses for the alleyway. When she saw the ad online for two self-contained warehouses linked by an alleyway, suitable for commercial/industrial use, she couldn’t believe her luck. She had to hock everything she... Continue Reading →

Every Day Is Mummy’s Day

I know it's not cool to do so but I like corny jokes. On Mother's Day my son surprised me with a whole list of silly jokes about Mother's Day. For some reason this one really appealed to me - What is the most important day in Egypt? Mummies Day! And so I got to... Continue Reading →

Time Traveller

Scenes from around the neighbourhood keep inspiring me. Looking through the trees made me think of this story. I think it was the shadows and colours that got me. It's about travelling through time.... The colour was fading from the landscape. Rosalind knew it was a bad sign. It meant she was fading too, disintegrating,... Continue Reading →

Castle In The Clouds

...it happened one day that a young Prince who was hunting in the neighbourhood caught sight of the towers of the enchanted castle rising above the dense forest... ~ Sleeping Beauty, The Brothers Grimm When I was a little girl reading fairy tales I didn't think much about getting older, enchanted as I was by... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be So Cold

I continue to be inspired by the sights in my local neighbourhood. I saw this written on a wall in a local park and it got me thinking. Why would someone write that? So I came up with a little tale..... Sara saw it on the wall that ran around the churchyard and knew straight... Continue Reading →


Today it is my absolute pleasure to be the first stop on Lauri Kubuitsile's Blog Book Tour to celebrate her outstanding Young Adult novel Signed, Hopelessly In Love, published by Tafelberg Publishers, South Africa. Lauri is an illustrious writer from Botswana, Africa. She has won an impressive array of writing awards including the Bessie Head... Continue Reading →

Only 11 Days To Go

Lauri Kubuitsile is a well-known writer hailing from Botswana, Africa. She writes the terrific blog Thoughts From Botswana. I met her many years ago when I was chatting on the Writers Weekly forum and we have been friends ever since. Not only is Lauri an exceptional writer, she is an outstanding support for other writers,... Continue Reading →

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