Every Day Is Mummy’s Day

I know it's not cool to do so but I like corny jokes. On Mother's Day my son surprised me with a whole list of silly jokes about Mother's Day. For some reason this one really appealed to me - What is the most important day in Egypt? Mummies Day! And so I got to... Continue Reading →

Time Traveller

Scenes from around the neighbourhood keep inspiring me. Looking through the trees made me think of this story. I think it was the shadows and colours that got me. It's about travelling through time.... The colour was fading from the landscape. Rosalind knew it was a bad sign. It meant she was fading too, disintegrating,... Continue Reading →

Castle In The Clouds

...it happened one day that a young Prince who was hunting in the neighbourhood caught sight of the towers of the enchanted castle rising above the dense forest... ~ Sleeping Beauty, The Brothers Grimm When I was a little girl reading fairy tales I didn't think much about getting older, enchanted as I was by... Continue Reading →

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