The Saddest Goodbye….

My Uncle Denis died yesterday. He was my Mum's brother and was a larrikin of the highest order but without question had the kindest heart of anyone I have ever known. His love for animals and his care for stray dogs, cats, any creature without a home was legendary. But he was broken. His marriage... Continue Reading →

It Works….

Those of you who know me know I am not of a hugely religious persuasion in the sense that I go to church and quote from the Bible but I do feel a little bit spiritual from time to time (well, most of the time, actually.) And lately, I have come to believe quite firmly... Continue Reading →

They Come To Life At Night

This is a statue of Queen Victoria in Hyde Park. We have quite a few statues of her in Sydney....she is quite revered in this neck of the woods. What I love about this statue is the incredible detail on her gown - the patterns and the folds of it. It looks like a real... Continue Reading →

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